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American Racing AR 17" Thug.

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I asked this question in the Wheels and Tires section, but assuming that way more people read this one I am sorry but I am double posting. :bandit:

I want to swap my steelies for Thug American racing 17". I can't seem to find a good picture of anyone having these. I did the online wheel fit sim, and they looked cool but I want to see if anyone has them on their rig and how do they look in 17" and not 18 or 20. Please post some pics for me. I hope these Teflon coated would look nice on my black FJ but seeing is believing. Post them please.
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These are 18". Just did a quick search.

There are many more posts you can look through and probably find the 17" somewhere. :)
Thanks, I have seen those, I am pretty sure I went through all of the posts, and did not find any 17", creating a thread was my last resort.
Gotcha. Good luck.
I got the 17 inch Thugs on my truck. Mine are the original Thugs. They have changed the design up just slightly, now they have little silver rivets on them where the black dimples are. Here's a few pictures.....

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ow man, that is nice, now I know I made the right decision. Mine should be here next Wed.
Here's a few pics of mine up on the Rubicon Trail just before the 'Gate Keeper' and just after entering the 'Gate Keeper'. I'm running my 'Thug' rims with BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM2 285/70/17's

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p.s. Mine have the 'allen head bolts' on the outside edge.....they screw off to allow you to install a simulation bead lock ring. Oh...and my wheels are the +10 offset
Those are some nice wheels on the FJ!:rocker:
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