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19 Aug - 2 Sep Road trip up and down the Western US.

Started in California City, Southern California,
Lost coast trail (Usal road) Northern California,
Crater lake Oregon,
Hells Valley Rec area Oregon,
Over night camping in Washington,
Glacier National park Montana,
Yellowstone/Grand Teton Wyoming,
Craters of the Moon Idaho,
EBR-1 Atomic reactor/museum Idaho,
Top of the World trail Moab Utah,
Ouray Colorado,
Mesa Verde National park New Mexico,
Petrified Forest National Park Arizona,
Meteor Crater Arizona,
Grand Canyon National Park (South rim) Arizona,
Ended back in California City.

14 Days
4,973 Miles
10 states
7 National Parks
2 Off-Road trails


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What a journey! Thanks for sharing!

Yellowstone is actually my favorite place in the whole world! My family goes there almost every summer! And I actually get my name from the park! (Hayden Valley)

And you made it down near where I live! (Cortez, CO) How awesome!
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