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Hello all!

Between the Summit coming up and some things my daughter is going through right now, I will be difficult to reach between now and the Summit. I urge everyone who needs to contact me to email me, as I check that often (I get it on my blackberry), I won't be able to get on the forums that much (but I will try!).

No worries though, we plan to roll to the Summit deep this year! We were a last minute sponsor last year but this year we have made a bigger commitment and plan to have much more to show! We will be selling shift knobs and maybe some new items you haven't seen yet ;) as well as some special items!

Unfortunately, my 2 year old daughter is going in to the hospital for surgery next week and there will be subsequent followup visits that will keep me hopping and unable to get on here very much.

During this time I won't be able to do any custom color combinations, but we do have several knobs in stock, mostly the standard black/white and black/red models but also a few others. We will also be getting a large amount of inventory in for the Summit as well!

So please, feel free to email me any time at patrickw 'at'

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