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Another Happy FJ Owner

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Hey everyone,
Just bought a preowned 2007 FJ 4x4 with 14500 miles and totally love it!
First mod had to be a roof rack...the only flaw that is really bugging me is,the previous owner was either lazy or didn't know about luv bug damage to paint!
I got an estimate to paint the hood about $300.00 not bad just not sure if i want to mess with the factory paint.

Was thinking if i put a bug sheild on and maybe a qaa hood vent trim...get it powder coated black...hate chrome! it will cover 90% of the visable damage
could probably live with that...also thinking maybe some kind of 3m film to cover up the blasted buggers!

What is everyone's thinking on this?

Great forum by the way!

KF :rocker:


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Congrats and welcome
Nice looking rig. Welcome to the forum!
Nice rig, and welcome to the madness.....
Welcome aboard!
Howdy, congrats, and welcome to the forum! :wave:
Congrats and Welcome Aboard! :bigthumb::wave:
Thanks everyone,
looking foward to learning about the FJ on this great forum.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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