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Like many, I had reveal molding/ valance fly off at highway speeds. I followed the previously posted threads to replace mine, with fresh new clips, as well as the antenna grommet. Only thing "special" about mine is after thinking about what causes them to rip off (my guess is air catching the leading edge on the windshield and creating lift under the molding causing it to bust the clips and fly off), I added a bead of black silicone to the leading edge of the molding to better seal it to the windshield. There is rubber there already to do this, but I added the silicone as a belt and suspenders to hopefully help prevent this from happening again. The bead covers the joint between the windshield and the rubber on the molding, and should help keep air from working its way under the molding. Also, black silicone is the same color as black rubber and black backer on the windshield so you can't tell that it has been done if you smooth it on well with your finger. Not sure if this is an original idea or not, but figure I would share anyways. So far this has been working for 3k miles with no issues. I will follow up if issues come up.

Pictures bellow of general install on an '07 following the same process detailed in a handful of other threads to best of my ability.

Blobs of glue left over from previous reveal molding replacement. Also all of the white clips were broken.

Dust, dirt, and glue blobs cleaned off and ready for new molding. Anyone know what this black sensor thing is on the roof?

New molding fresh out of the box.

Bead of silicone to help stick down rubber trim. Second bead put on to bridge the joint between the rubber trim and the windshield post install.

Molding installed, waiting to dry.

Clapped out antenna grommet that got replaced.
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