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After someone posted their turbo install, I got excited and decided to do one my own. It had been on my list of "MUST DO" mods but never actually had the resources to do it. Thankfully, me and my friend's shop decided it was long overdue and we decided to give it a try and actually show its possible.

The first few images are low quality since I didn't take them. The last ones are way better. I also added a link to the full gallery for those of us who are visual junkies! :lol:

Story: This was just to see if it could be done, how hard, how much it would take, how much power it would make and how truly viable is it. I wanted to do a professional install with all gauges and it looking in the engine as most show/oem as one could make it (not some half job without even a wideband). This wasn't made to go down fast but more for torque as that what we really need offroading (exactly like a supercharger just a cheaper and actually having one since TRD canceled their program).

Stuff: Turbo T3/T4 hybrid compressor A/R 0.5 Trim 77.5, turbine A/R 0.63, Trim 73.6 with intercooler, external waste gate, blow off valve and mechanical boost controller. Unichip Q+, 61lbs injectors, higher output gasoline pump (not immediately necessary, I did this mod for external filter a year ago and opted for higher output pump for any future projects. Its a PITA getting the gas tank out), wideband, boost gauge, gauge pods, and a lot of exhaust welding for the muffle shop :lol:


Intercooler Tubing:

Initial Install:

Final Install:


Overall Install:

Startup-running: coming soon


Special Thanks: To my friends at FJ Offroad Shop in Puerto Rico. If any of you who live close wanna swing by or do an install, you are more than welcome to do it! We tried so others can follow!

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Looks awesome. Also at what RPM does the turbo kick in?
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