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depends on tires and lift...

I have ToyTec OME 3" lift that includes a 1/2" billet strut/coil over bracket to ensure you get a full 3" in front as in back. I am running Nitto Terra Grapplers 295x70x17.

I have not been able to make my tires rub on the body mount since adding the lift. It did before my lift whenever I went offroad or turned into driveway and hit curb.....but since lift it has not touched yet.

The only thing touching now is my right UCA...from tire sidewall when I am articulating and wheel movement brings it close enough....barely touches and keeps it shiny in one spot... Going to replace UCA with Total Chaos or Cambridge setups to help alleviate this problem....or put on a small backspace plate to push 17 alloy wheels out a tad.

So to answer your depends on tires and lift setup as to whether you will need a lift or not. I leaned towards not doing body chop unless put on tires...and it rubbed. then put on lift.....with no no chop for me. If I change tires or it starts rubbing later then will consider chop but for now she has no plastic surgery required. LMAO
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