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any difference in these air compressors? superflow MV50 and Masterflow Tsunami MF1050

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I am looking at the pics online and they look identicle....any difference in these 2 air compressors or are they the same? thanks guys!!
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A while ago I got the MV-50 at Kragen on sale for 25.00. I was going to get two, but they were gone. That was before it was popular, it was just some cheap china ripoff then....then someone compared it to a ARB compressor and it blew the 400.00 compressor away.

Nice to know it's a good one! I love sit in it's bag in the back for now, but soon I will mount it, I think.

And yes, it get nuclear hot.

EDIT: Yup, the price is right on that site, and the comparo was this I think:

Comparison: Superflow to Viair Compressors
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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