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Mine died today... out of the blue! When I turned my FJ on, it didn't. Anyone else have any trouble with theirs?

No idea why. I tried my friend's, and it worked fine, so my port works fine. No fuses are blown.

I never did anything weird with it. Very strange.

Overall I've been very happy with the product. If Linear Logic replaces/repairs it quickly, I'll be even more impressed.

Linear Logic Rep: I saw on your website about your warranty policy. I'm trying to dig up my Receipt, but I'm not sure I kept it. I just bought this in either late January or early Febuary. Do you guys keep computer records? Any way I can send it in without the receipt? And also... how long does it usually take to get it repaired/replaced? I sort of kind of need (and by need, I mean, really want to use) it for a trip planned in three weeks.

Thanks much,
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