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Im selling a pair of barely used Anzo USA chrome projector/halo lights.
These are anzo part #111115, Great condition, complete with ballasts, 100% working halo's, highbeams ect. I removed them from my vehicle after just over a month to avoid salt/winter damage. The bulbs have also been upgraded with PIAA H9 lights at about $40/bulb. Im asking $250 with free shipping.

If you have any further questions feel free to message me here or on ebay, my id on both is Gturley07

Pics: ImageShack Album - 8 images
Ebay item # 170605047851
Ebay link : 2007-08 FJ CRUISER anzo USA Headlight 111115 - eBay (item 170605047851 end time Feb-27-11 19:19:57 PST)

Thanks -gary
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