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Shortly before the holidays I read about a new app (for me) - Magic Earth. Curious as I am, I sighed at first (not yet an app) - but then downloaded the (free) app anyway. I'm still completely amazed - what the little helper can do.

The "Magic Earth" app has the potential to take over or replace several apps for travel needs from the smartphone, at least for me. These include notable candidates such as Mapout, Maps.Me, Here, MotionX, and Google Maps.

  • 2D & 3D map view
  • Satellite/terrain/road view
  • hybrid view satellite & 3D
  • offline capable (download per country)
  • Traffic jam bypass (if online)
  • Carplay integration
  • and much more(!!!)

The app is available free of charge in your app store (Android/iOS).

I wrote a more detailed review here: Magic Earth: Navigation App offline/offroad capable

For holidays in more expensive roaming-fee countries, making the map material available in advance in several apps for offline use - this will no longer apply to me in the future.

Happy testing!

Looks very good and works with CarPlay. Also works with just coordinate’s. It has lots of pluses and will give it a try.

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