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You asked for it and youve got it! Total Automotive Performance is going to run our spring ARB Group Buy a bit earlier this year due to the amount of requests we are getting.

Our last ARB group buy on Tacomaworld was a success but was limited to lockers and compressors. We offer a BP51 GB here but never the full line!!

Well now is your chance to get geared up with the ARB & OME parts you want. We cant list all of the items, but some our top FJC sellers are:

RK11 - ARB Tow/Recovery Essentials Kit
RD121 - ARB Air Locker
RD132 - ARB Air Locker
CKMTA12 - ARB Maximum Performance TWIN Air Compressor
5421100 - ARB Skid Plates 4RUNNER / FJ CRUISER; Non-KDSS
10800472 - ARB Freezer Fridge; 50 Quarts
AR32F - ARB Intensity 9.5" LED Flood Light
SS420HF - ARB 2010+ Toyota FJ Cruiser Safari Snorkel
171302 - ARB Tire Inflation Accessory Kit

And there is a ton more!!


To get on the list (no commitment, every sign up helps us secure a better deal):

Please PM (private message) us your FJ Cruiser year & model/gen, what you need, your full name, phone number, and email.

Order taking will commence 3/18 and the group buy will close 3/31.

Contact us by pm or at [email protected] with any questions.

Running List (No commitment necessary!)
1. Iconic_ - OME 60071L (FJC Forum)
2. ajfj33 - CKMA12 or possibly the CKMTA12 (FJC Forum)
3. MotioncontrolMike - AR21S or AR21F (FJC Forum)
4. wedgefry - ARB 3423020 Bumper (T4R)
5. JEMP1003 - 50 quart (T4R)
6. tacoa - 63qt, slider, tacoma snorkel (TW)

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On top of that, we are happy to announce an exciting customer rebate to help enthusiasts get out onto the trails for spring. Combine our group buy pricing with ARB's awesome rebates on the items below!

ARB’s Old Man Emu suspension systems are designed to be a fully integrated system that improves a vehicle’s performance, load carry capacity and handling. This is a unique approach, while many other style of kits strictly target height as a one-size-fits all solution.

Promotion Information:
Purchase an ARB Old Man Emu suspension kit from Total Automotive Performance between March 15, 2016 and April 30, 2016 to receive up to $150 in Visa Gift Cards. Rebate form must be submitted by May 31, 2016 in order to be eligible.

More details are available through

We have created a set of web graphics for all dealers to utilize to promote this rebate. Please use the links below to download the set and/or request custom sizes.

The following part numbers qualify for a $100 Rebate:
OMEFJC10LKS – FJ Cruiser Light kit

The following part numbers qualify for a $125 Rebate:
OMETAC04LKS – Nitrocharger Sport Tacoma Kit
OMETAC04HKS – Tacoma 1998-2004 Sport Heavy Kit
OMETAC05LKSB – Tacoma 2005+ Stock Kit
OMETUN57LKS – Tundra 2007-14 Stock Kit
OMETUN47LKS – Tundra 2007-14 Stock Kit
OMETUN47HKS – Tundra 2007-14 Heavy Kit

The following part numbers qualify for a $150 Rebate:
OMEFJC10HKBP51 – BP-51 FJ Cruiser Kit Heavy
OMEFJC10LKBP51 – BP-51 FJ Cruiser Kit Light

Rebates will be processed in 8-10 weeks from receipt of form submission.

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Thank you all for your continued orders and support! The sale above is over but ARB and OME are discounted during our Summer 2016 Sale - browse our site Total Automotive Performance and be sure to use the SUM16 promocode to save even more over FJC Forum Discounts for a limited time.

If we can be of any help please reach out to us at [email protected] or 702.979.1577

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