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world toyota just north of atlanta has always been really courteous to me. I would probly emphasize the fact that you don't care about the fact that it's a trail team special edition. Really work the fact that you just wanted a stick FJ and you wanted it white. Remember that the only way these guys are going to make living is if you give them the money. You don't need the car today, they need the money always. I remember once how my dad negotiated a Toyota Sequoia. We went into the dealership and of course they start hassling and working their sale. My dad finally said, ok I might be interested in buying one, after they made their whole sales speech. Never give them a price range. My dad's main line is "make me an offer I can't refuse." He literally sat in the chair of the lobby ALL DAY from before lunch to closing time. They would give him a number. He'd look at it and say "no no, thats too much." It doesn't matter how little over MSRP or under MSRP. In his head he was willing to pay ___ amount. The salesman would "consult his manager," which means he would go eat a donut, and come back with a "final offer, that just can't go any lower." My dad would say no make it better. He seriously waited them out all day until he got a great deal. They even threw in an entertainment system. Don't let them pull you into their office either, theyre trying to make you sweat. Just hang out in the lobby where youre comfortable. Its not about the dealership. Its about how long you can make them try to sell you.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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