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Aux fuel tank...just thinking

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Has anyone considered buying a stock FJ replacement fuel tank and trying to mod it to the cavern behind the rear axle as an auxillary fuel tank? It will come CARB compliant, and looks small enough to easily fit.
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Yea, I was thinking about a $400 solution, not $1000 plus going to CA to have it installed.
Needed to bump this before it faded into oblivion. Not the kind of question to be resolved quickly.
It is doable if you can find the spare room. You may end up having the 2nd tank in your cargo area (trunk) or maybe cut the tank up and resize it to better fit the available space. Definitely a good idea though otherwise maybe rig up a less expensive racing fuel cell under there as well. Just a thought.
Fuel cell is a better alternative. More sizes to chose from and you can even have one that'll fit the area better then a stock one. Would feel better with a fuel cell there instead of a regular tank anyway.
I was thinking on the same lines the other day. I stopped at the 'yota dealer to get a close up of the '08 TT's, they have a few of them. Something got me eye in the rear bumper area & I got down to take a look, Nice big Skid plate, Would love to order one for my Ti, So I checked under mine to see what it's protecting back there & not much under there. I guess a fuel cell with the skid plate would be a good idea.
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