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Aux interior door light wiring

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Here is what I did to make my aux LED lights come on when I open the door. I have yet to install the switch but when I do I’ll post the pics.

My objective is to have additional lighting near my feet when entering and an optional manual on switch.

Do this and any mod I post at your own risk.
First: Disconnect the battery.

1. Open fuse box and find the red wire going to connector 1A pin 4 on driver’s side junction box. NOTE: This is the power or +12V and will turn off after some time (10 minutes?). It is the same power that goes to your dome light. This is fused through the 10A "DOME" fuse and should not require an additional fuse if you are using an LED that will draw less than 1 amp or so. If you are not sure of your amp draw then an additional fuse is suggested.

2. Install T-tap onto red wire.

3. Find a convenient ground point if you want your lighting on for 10 minutes after the door is closed (not my preferred option!!).

Or connect your switch to connector 1A pin 8 for the door ground and connector 1A pin 7 for the always on ground. (I have not installed my switch yet; sorry no pics of this).
Don't forget to reconnect the battery!

Here's my modified wiring diagram:
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I am going to look for a connector that I can splice into this ribbon cable. These are pins 7, 8 & 9 that run the dome light operation. If anyone has any ideas please let us know.
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what color wire is the connector 1A pin 8? Great write up! I'm installing leds pointing down in the door pockets and i only want them on when i open my door, like the 07 4runners.
Glad you can use it, thanks!

Pins 7, 8 & 9 are the 3 wires to the dome light. They are in the little white, 3 conductor ribbon cable that is circled in red. Pin 8 is the middle wire, or 3rd down from the top right of connecto; the top pin is pin 10.

I think if you flip the connector out through the fuse box you might be able to get a t-tap onto the pin 8 wire. That's what I'm going try.
Hi Guys-
They make IDC (insulation displacement connectors) that should be able to clamp onto this ribbon cable and allow you to connect other wires into them. You'll need to take a careful measurement of the center to center spacing on the ribbon cable to get the right kind. These are similar to the connectors on the ribbon cables for disk drives in your computer. Allied electronics or AllElectronics are good places to find stuff like this. If you get the flat style, You can usually clamp them onto a ribbon cable using a pair of channel-locks if you're careful.
Great comment. I actually measured the spacing a couple days ago and it is a funky size - a little smaller than the typical 0.156" (~4.00mm). It measured about 3.25mm (0.128"). I measured it several times to make sure. I plan on getting a few 0.156" and trying them since this might be close enough - I have the tools for inserting the wires into the IDC.

Any idea if there is something smaller than 0.156" and larger than the 0.100"???
I got lazy and just hooked my ground wire to pin 8 of the 3 wire ribbon cable last night. Works great! I had to slice the middle wire (pin 8) out with a very sharp knife. Becareful not to nick the other wires if you elect to do this... I'm still looking for a connector to make this mod cleaner.
Hey MichEE,

I am not sure I understand you last post. So you tied into the ribon cable. Do the LED's you installed come on with the doors and then off when they are shut? Or at least when you turn the key to start the engine?

I am currently working on my overhead light mod and will be moving to the foot well LED's when I am done.....

Yes, I tied into the pin 8, middle ribbon cable wire for ground and the red wire previously shown for +12V. Doing so allows your added light to come on when the door is open and turns off when the door is closed just like the overhead dome light when it is switched in the "door" position.

Just curious about your overhead light mod. What are you adding? I am thinking of mounting two of the LEDs in the dome light. I would wire them in parallel with the dome light so that they can be switch on with the dome light switch and also left in the "door" position to come on when the doors are open.
Well I am working on a seperate thread right now. I finished it last night....I think it looks good....;)
Sounds good! I'm looking forward to seeing what you did. Post a link to it here and I'll "tie" it in to what I'm doing if it applies.
Its up, here is the link....

Won't take the link to the thread.....It is called My LED dome light fix....
Try this link
I got my LEDs from Advance Auto Parts; a package of 4 super white ones. I now have 2 damaged ones that have not survived my off roading experiences. I suggest that if you do this mod you make sure that the LED is tied securely to the wire bundle and that you spend the extra $$ to get good ones.

Did you ever find an IDC connector that matches the pitch of the 3 wire ribbon cable?
No I did not. Honestly I have not looked real hard though. I want to take a cruise throught the junk yard first.

Just found this post while surfing the forum. It's what I been trying to do with my aux Led lights in the running bd's [turn on/off with the door switch] since I installed them last Dec. They come on and stay on with the runnung lights. This is they way they should have been so we can see getting in and out.
Thanks for the post very well written and lot's of help
You're welcome, glad to help!
Cool. Great idea. I think that there is a connector that would go to the lighted mirror if they ever come out with one.

Can you take a couple of pics of where you have them mounted?
Did you ever install the switch? What kind of switch is needed SPDT? Thanks
Nope, I have been a little busy with other things and have not added a switch yet.

Yes, a SPDT would work just fine. You could hook the other side of it to B+ so that you could turn them on anytime.
Hey guys, I'm new here, though I've owned my FJ for 3 years. Just wanted to thank the originator of this thread, it was extremely informative and useful. Just thought I'd mention one important note - In the install notes, He said you can hook up your negative/ground to the white wire (ribbon wire) or any other convenient ground (which would leave the lights on for like 10 minutes...). Well, I initially opted to hook it to the ground behind the left wall panel, drivers side, near the floor. It works as a ground, however, the floor lights will stay on the ENTIRE time the vehicle is operational. They will come on with the dome light when the door is open, and when using the key fob to lock the doors, they will shut off when the dome goes off. But, through my experience, the entire time I'm driving, those led lights stay on (even though the dome light is off while driving). I have yet to hook my neg/ground up to that ribbon wire...I will be doing that in the near future (it's just too damn cold in NY right now!) As I said - just informing you all of my experience.

That is strange! Mine seems to work just ask described. Maybe you have different wiring? What year is it?
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