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I purchased this unit back in 2007 during a group buy and installed it very easily. It does have the playback hack for watching DVDs while in drive, this was actually pre done by the vendor.

I have been noticing since this past winter a very dim screen upon start up. Gradually the unit would "warm up" and be okay. This never used to happen.

I also have a Pioneer back up camera wired to the Avic to show on screen when the FJ is in reverse. Lately, when in reverse my screen cuts out intermittently--picture, black out back to picture, usually lasting for a few seconds. Then back to normal.

The two symptoms described started to happen about the same time during the coldest of temperatures.

Can anyone who is familiar with this Avic D-3 unit/Pioneer or have experienced this same problem please advise me on a fix?

Or has this ever been solved? Is it time for a unit upgrade?

I have checked the Avic411 site and haven't had any luck with an answer.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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