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This 1st article is one I forgot to post on FJCF, the 2nd is related & I found oer on Pirate 4x4 who has a good land use section.

Locking out Over-landers

Environmental groups are trying to lock over-landers out of hundreds of thousands of acres of access in areas that have established roads and trails. The roads they are asking to be closed have been in existence since horses were abandoned as the main form of transportation. These areas are vast and remote, they are lacking of any reliable water resources which would prohibit any other means of access (horses or hiking). If these roads are closed, few if any people will ever see it.

Original story here: Local

Suit filed on motorized vehicle use on Arizona Strip national monuments

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Grand Canyon Wildlands Council and other environmental groups filed suit Monday, arguing that the Grand Canyon-Parashant and Vermilion Cliffs national monuments are too open to motorized vehicles.

The Sierra Club, Earthjustice and Arizona Wilderness Coalition, among others, sued the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, stating that the agency's rules allowed too much travel on about 1 million acres of the remote monuments, and that solitude and wildlife habitat were being destroyed as a result. The monuments were created in 2000, by then-president Bill Clinton, who signed proclamations stating that vehicular use there should be banned, outside of emergencies and government agencies, according to the groups.

The groups also opposed livestock grazing on the monuments, saying the government had not adequately considered whether it would impact the desert tortoise, relict leopard frog, desert bighorn sheep and federally listed threatened plant species.

-- Sun staff report

I found this over on ExPo's land use section

Expedition Portal Forum - View Single Post - Locking out Over-landers


On related news, found this over on Pirate on 1 April 09 (not a joke) ago:

Source - AZ State trust petition - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board

Originally Posted by Symon623

You may have seen or heard about the recent news report that State Land Department is considering shutting down state land to off-road vehicle recreation.

Off-roaders could be kicked off trust land:
Because of our shared concern over the loss of riding areas, we have started an effort to collect the names, addresses, and emails of individuals like you who want to preserve access to their riding areas. We believe that it is time for each and every person who loves off-road vehicle recreation to stand up and be counted. We have created an electronic petition that we hope can demonstrate to our public representatives that we care deeply about continued access to state land.

Please visit Keep Arizona Open to read and sign the petition. And then help spread the word.

You can see the people behind this effort, and become one of them, at Keep Arizona Open.

Boys and Girls of please get this word out this is a time were alot has been going on about closing our trails down. I have talked to alot of you about White Tanks and posted about it aswell. Now this is not only about the tanks it is more then just that so please dont think this is just about the tanks.

This is something that each of you and your freinds should know about. Get everyone you know to sign this even if they dont wheel. Get your grandmother that dude across the street that borrows your picnic table and done return it. Or that guy you lend your grinder too and he still has it.

Please get this out there I think we all have a stake in this. We all just got home from the best Rock Fest we have ever had. I think this chapter has alot to offer AZ and and we need to keep the lands open. With out land to wheel on we will be forced to trade out heeps in for rice burners and we can all race redlight to relight.

I want to thank those VJC guys for getting the word out and I hope we can make a differance. I also want to thank you all for helping in this. See you out there.

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I am tired of battling this tide. It is hard to beat the lawyers funded by yuppies donating at their local coffee shops. We must battle it, I know, but it will take responsible use of current and closed trails. As long as folks out there are tearing up the land, we all will suffer. Until it is all remedied, I will travel where the roads take me on both sides of the gates. In my opinion, I am grandfathered as a native Arizona resident.

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I think the key is every off-roader is going to have to join gruups that protect the interests of off-roading, and, frankly, we are going to have to get our wallets out. It's that simple.

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