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......sell me your after market items in SoCal.

I know some of you are turning in leases or are selling for mileage reasons. Let's work together and it will be a win win for both of us.

Dealers and even private sale of your FJ will only bring you pennies on the dollar for your accessories, they have little or no value for resale, we all know this. I am not looking to pay anything near what you paid or retail. Most everyone here has purchased as a group buy or used this site for discounts. I am looking for deals but will definitely give you more than a resale of your vehicle as a whole will bring with accessories attached. If you need my factory parts to replace the after market part you are selling me, we can discuss as part of the deal.

I am looking for the following items in SoCal only and may drive as far as Vegas on a weekend to meet up.

1. Rear bumper. ARB, Warn, maybe others?

2. Roof rack. Gobi, ARB, maybe others?

3. Rear storage locking box for FJ. Tuffy

4. Skid plates, full set. Bud Builts, Rasta

5. Tires/wheels. Show me what you got...

6. Suspension. New in box Icon set-up w/ front UCA & rear LCA

7. Fridge/Freezer. ARB, new or near new

8. Possible Lighting. Again, new or near new. Show me what you got...

This is just a wish list. I may or may not get any or all items here. I have cash and am simply looking for a deal on the above items and putting more money in your pocket than you'll get selling as a whole. You can PM me with your offers.

Thanks everyone.
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