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Howdy from Texas,

I bought my '08 manual FJ in 2017 for a steal of a price with only 62k miles on the odometer. It's already seen a lot of the country making trips up to Utah and Wyoming, doing long-hauls at a time with light exploring in-between. I'm absolutely in love with the vehicle, but there are lots of things that are wrong with it. Apparently the guy that owned it before had hardly any common sense and didn't think about the lasting effects of his own work.

I personally think what he did is a little cheesy, but I'm in the process of reverting to stock plan to moved from there and build it the way I would want a reasonable rig to be.

As of now my small project to do list is:
  • revert headlights to OEM halogens from aftermarket LED projectors with failing capicitors (only one turns on consistently)—the wiring job is an atrocity, and I'm scared to handle it personally.
  • replace aftermarket turn signals with OEM ones (they look better anyways)
  • redo or remove the poorly installed LED lights mounted on the bull bar (wires are exposed)
  • redo or remove the aftermarket horns the guy put on (wires also exposed)
  • reinstall the original gear knobs... This is going to be trickier than expected because the guy made pool ball gear knobs by hand and decided to use some hard putty-like adhesive to make them stay on... I mean c'mon dude. :|
  • replace one of the hood vents (the one under the windshield on the passenger side)—I don't know if I can order just one of them. :/
  • replace the lip above the windshield... I have the new part, but need a paint solution. It only comes in white and the roof is painted yellow to match the rest of the yellow paint (probably because of hail). I think I might plasti-dip it black because these things are known to consistently break off/need replacing.
  • buy a set of decent stock wheels—nothing against the 4 XD-brand spy wheels he put on, but I'd prefer a set of 5 matching (he only bought 4 of them). I'm sure I can honestly make some money on them when I sell them to put towards a set of 5 tires...yikes!!
I've also got a few major projects I hope I see done:
  • Redo the rear dif—Being an '08, it has the original 8" third member, which already groans sometimes, less so now that I've had a mechanic make some adjustments and I keep checking on the fluid... I'd like to make the conversion to an 8.2", but the money will make it the true test.
  • Fix the botched roof paint job—When the roof was redone, it was poorly painted. There are still dents and I can see the paint line (must have been a super cheap fix). Also the hood could use a lot of paint work (lots of chips from rocks).
  • Lift the vehicle an inch or two... I've been in a couple tough spots where I could have used the clearance.
  • Possibly buy another rack for it—The original looks good, but I find that it isn't as practical as I'd like it to be.
I'll make updates as I make progress!
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