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Last Wed the 16th I did a prerun with 007FJ, Braincell.

Went up 1701 to where it met 1720. decided to turn back as we were on top of about 2' of slushly snow and didn't want to head down hill with no way out. Backtracked to 1714 where we found a drift we couldn't bust thru. Trees where to small to winch from. If we passed that drift we could have made it to the top of bald Mtn via 670. Had to pull Jim out of the last 3'+ snow drift or we could have made it all the way. Actually tried winching forward but the trees were to small and just pulled over. We stopped before actually doing damage.
Snow was heavely packed on road but deep and slushly enough in spots that we had to put wheels on the bank for traction.
All in all an excellent day in the mountains.
Now if I could just figure out how to post pictures!! :mecry:

We should have enough melt out by next month that we should any trail condition we want dry, mud and snow.:clap:
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