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Bandi Mount-how to order?

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Did not know The Bandi mount was a home grown idea from a member until I
searched for it. I would like to get one, are they still aval.? Is he still making them? Do I PM him to order one? I looked in the vender section, could not find anything.
Anyone with any info on this? Would realy like to get one. Thank You, MAXXFJ
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You can get them at All-Pro
Walcott CB also has them. That's where I bought mine. Works awesome, I love it.
Bandi no longer makes these by hand anymore.

Like the prev posters, try


so a search on the BiGBILL Combo for everything you need to get to set up a CB. Walcott sells this combo!

Good Luck

Or call Larry at Dirty Parts...he'll sell ya one. His user name here is cruiserlarry.
We bought the idea and the rights to produce it from Bandi. He did an excellent job designing this product and it fits the FJ so well. We have them in stock or you can also call Walcott CB, they buy the mounts from us and then package them into a nice CB kit with radio, antennna, Bandi mount, and all necessary hardware.

Thanks everyone, had to get by last weekend(needed to go on road trip for work for a few days), with an old glass mount I had in the garage. Rearview mirr. glue on the outside & duct tape-yes,duct tape-to hold the interior part on the glass. Got by with that,but doing the bandi this weekend. Can't be on the road without the CB. Best radar detector I've ever seen. Thanks again, I'll click on allpro & get it ordered.
Now with more link goodness:

(nice forum plug in the photo too!)

I guess if they simply point you to the homepage, your more likely to buy more. :)
Thanks again, spoke with bandi today,tried to carm one off him, told me he didn't have anymore hanging out in the garage. & thanks for the links but I don't think I'm paying $50 bucks for it. I told bandi I hope they gave him a good buck for the invention, because there making a nice profit on this one. I'll make my own for $10. Again, thanks for the quick leads anyway......MAXXFJ
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