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i try to keep this forum updated but i forget sometime mostly of facebook

so we are going to meet at the Oasis Visitor Center Friday moring(1-14-17).
once everyone gets there permit
we will head out to bear island.
once we get to camp and set up
Then will hit the trails

$100 for the permit but im hoping they will change

We have to wait until beginning of Jan for when they release the new info

If you get your permit Jan 2017 it's good until jan 2018
If you get it Nov 2017 it's only good until Jan 2018

The off-road vehicle permit office (located at Oasis Visitor Center) is open from 9 am to noon Thursday through Sunday for walk in permits. Thursday through Sunday, 12:30 pm through 4 pm is by appointment only. Monday is by appointment only. Please call 239-695-1205 for an appointment.

The office is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It is strongly advised that you call before you bring your vehicle in. We may be able to save you time and extra trips with a brief conversation before your visit.

For more information contact the office at 239-695-1205.
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