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[/IMG]Cabela's has one i just bough that was 60.00 and it's raised up.not to big but perfect for what your looking for. i needed the same,something to put firewood and cooler maybe chairs on. take a look at the website and i will try and get a picture up of it.
the great thing is it sticks out aways but you can slide it in and drill a hole if you want to have it closer in. it will hold 300 pounds of stuff and when i spoke to the guys at cabeleas they said that they sell a ton of them for suv's and jeeps.
X2 I just bought the same rack and it fits my FJ like it was designed for it and this is with an Expedition One bumber and swingout tire carrier holding a 35" tire. It was so close to the tire that I just cut the rail off. Even though it did clear it was too close if I did move the rack in with a new hole drilled as suggested above. I also cut the rail off so it could be more versatile as in carrying longer loads. It's real bargain at $60 and better made than a lot of them. I may do another mod so it will fold up.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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