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My money's already been spent on this one -

NOTE: With an OEM Toyota Hitch it will NOT allow the rear door to open fully, but with an aftermarket hitch (Reese, Curt Mfg, Etc) it will clear the bottom of the spare tire.

It all comes down to your specific needs. Do you want one that folds up and is convenient to store? Maybe one that is made from aluminum that is easier to handle? Are you more concerned about load capacity? Do you want the option to mount lights? My choice was based the 500lb capacity, having a place to mount my plate when the carrier was heavily loaded, being able to add lights, and having the main support angle upwards so that it doesn't drag the basket. The basket I bought weighs +60lbs all by itself but it should last forever.

Whatever your needs there is a cargo carrier out there that will fit the bill. Good luck. :cheers:

EDIT: Here's a site with some good examples and reviews - I'd check prices elsewhere before committing, though.

My solution was to instal a front hitch. I use my hitch basket up front.Just a preferance of mine. Hope the idea helps
That is definitely on my must-do list. If you don't plan on getting a full replacement bumper then, in my mind at least, you just can't beat the versatility that a front receiver gives you for having a rod holder, a cargo carrier, a winch mount, or just a solid recovery point up front. Check out the simple bolt-on install in the video -
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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