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First off, 2WhiteHummers that looks like a solid kit to me, with some customization for whoever buys it to take care of specific needs. A couple of things I would like to add (I am adding an FJ to my car roster soon as a bug out vehicle/camping/outdoors fun vehicle) -

The BioLite stove: BioLite - BioLite Stove
cooks, powers USB gadgets, portable and runs off of random twigs - no need for carrying extra fuel.

A good solar power backup is also a fine plan. There are a variety of them on Amazon from about $30 and on up (the cheapest ones perform... well... cheaply).

there are a couple of books by a guy named Joe Nobody (these are similar to US Army field survival manuals but they have been distilled for the layperson - green berets, scout/snipers and special forces need not apply) link to author web page: Joe Nobody: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Alternate bug out vehicles to consider:
full suspension mountain bike rigged for long distance travel. This can be a bit fiddle to set up right but when fuel runs out and the tires are all blown, a good mountain bike will still allow you to cover significant distance per day while carrying a surprising amount of equipment. this rig can easily be mounted on your FJ or other bug out vehicle.

Ultralight aircraft:
If you really have the dough, don't think that you will be able to drive out, an ultralight can carry a single person, perhaps 75 pounds of equipment (depending on how much you weigh) and can be launched on an average suburban street. Warning, expensive and range can be limited.

Other preparedness shopping sites I use:
Emergency Preparedness
The Ready Store
Man, an airplane would be awesome!! :rocker:

But I think a good mountain bike is invaluable for when you run out of gas or your FJ becomes immobilized for whatever reason.

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Re: The First Responder is YOU!

How do we feel about the Vet antibiotics for human consumption w/out a script in a SHTF scenario? I'd like to hear it, Pro's/Con's, etc...

FYI stuff:
I "carry" and I carry these two items with me all of the time, including when I fly/travel; They'll give you the time that you may need while waiting for the Ambulance/Help to arrive or to get out of a burning plane, hotel, airport, bldg. or wherever life finds you.

The TacPack is the size of 2 cig packs laid side to side and weighs about 4 oz's. Mask is approx. 6"x6"x1/2". Created for the Secret Service by their leading Trauma Surgeon.


Technon | Breath of Life™ Emergency Escape Mask Video's on Specs & Instructions pages.
Anyone that plans on carrying any type of Trauma Dressing needs at least (1) C.A.T. Device (Combat Application Tourniquet). These run $20-30 each, and you should really have (2) within quick reach. These WORK! If you have an extremity Arterial Bleed, you will bleed out in a few minutes! Apply one of these, or two, and it will get you to definitive care (Surgery)!

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