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Better late then Never!

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I have been a member for about 11 months now, but have never posted anything on the forum. My husband has been a member since I believe 2011 but, like many things, I maybe off a little on the timeline.

I honestly only signed up wanting to read a discussion that was on a google search I had made in regards to an issue that had been occurring mysteriously with my 2012 FJ cruiser. I had recently noticed that my rear break lights would remain on after I had shut off and exited my vehicle. After reading the discussion and all the feed back from others decided that I needed to check a sensor in between the brake line and fuse box. The mileage or life span for this item was appropriate and decided that I needed to get it looked at when the time became available.

I sincerely was not prepared to see what we did find when we investigated the situation. Not at all.

To fill in any gaps or to explain what we saw I need to inform you that I work evenings, in office 18 miles from my rental property and there is no, On site security. My shift is 6pm -2:30am Friday-Tuesday. The parking lot isn't well lit and when I do leave- there normally are only 2 maybe 3 others in the entire lot! The security cameras are monitored off site by another location and are monitoring the entrance to the building not the lot or things that go on in it. So seeing anything in focus other then the entrance diminishes the further out you are located in the lot.

I am aware that my husband did post something about the situation while I was dealing with the aftermath of it all.

The panels underneath the dash, all of them, missing. Nuts and locking bolts for steering- all missing. Ignition was all removed from under the drivers side. I ended up filing a non emergency police report. And I have heard nothing more from the police dept or my employer in the matter. I ended up getting an alarm system that bypassed the factor system and cost me everything that I had saved for emergencies or maybe a vehicle add on that id been eyeballing.

So, my husband has a 2011 Silver FJ Cruiser that he bought off the show room floor! I have a second owner 2012 White Toyota FJ Cruiser. Mine is Basic Plain Jane. I have installed a different head unit, remote start security system, accent lighting inside door both frames and in glove compartment , added Bushwhacker fender flares, added rock sliders underneath the door frames on the vehicle. I have also added a rod holder inside the vehicle for my fishing rod and painted my center caps and skid plate up front a shade of pink (magenta) and of course lots of decals with serious but humorous content.

Thank You, for your time,

Rainbow Bright
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Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the forum. Heres a older family pic.


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Hi Crystal, welcome from Ohio!
Not sure that she qualifies as "basic plain" anymore, looks more like Bushwhacker & Pink Jane now 😀
Welcome from Vancouver, Canada!
Welcome from Yucatán, Mexico ✌
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