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Searching for some new tires. Anyone know the largest tire size you can fit with a 2.5 inch lift and body chop?

Yup! I have read dozens of threads on the subject (as you should) but couldn't give anything close to an accurate answer without knowing other parameters such as wheel size & offset and your preference for width/height or height/width.

However I can suggest that you should also install some bigger front bump stops if you go above 33" (or risk upper guard rubbing) and if you want a fatter tyre you should also include a set of aftermarket UCAs with your lift kit to avoid wheel rub on the UCAs (and enable better wheel alignment adjustability). e.g 275/75 17 (33.8") without UCAs or 305/70 17 (33.8") with UCAs on standard 17" wheels are probably as big as you can go without rubbing at the upper ends of compression travel on full lock. I have the latter and still get a little wheel rub at full compression on those rare occasions when the wheels are also at full lock.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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