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Goodies for the MPAC FJ40 center console project continue to arrive in the mail.

Working on a center console...need a bit of help

The grizzly biometric safe showed up today. I must say that I am quite impressed...the safe cost about $170 (purchased from Amazon), the size and shape are conducive to what I have in mind for the project. The safe is just over 7 1/4 inches wide, so it should fit well.

This will be fitted upside down on the backside of the console...I should be able to make it easily removable as well.

The biometrics function well, the inside of the safe is padded and has optional retaining straps for the handgun. I like the size and shape of the little vault...I can see a lot of uses for it in other projects as well. It has a discreet enough of an appearance that I think a little paint or stickers could disguise it enough that a crook may pass right over it.

There may be applications for this in the FJ Cruiser????

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