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I haven't seen a one stop thread on how to go about painting the above mentioned parts. It is all here on the forum, but spread around a bit. I take no credit for any of this, I just wanted to pull it all together for ya'll. :) Feel free to add what worked for you and where I may have gone astray in anything. I'll add it up here.

Door Handles:
Easy to remove. Typically cannot remove the black inner portion once the handle is removed from the door; there is one screw that most can't seem to be able to remove (I know I couldn't without completely stripping it). Just mask off the black (at least the portions that will be contacting the inner slide mechanism) and make sure you burnish the tape down so nothing gets under.
Best reference I have found: Handles (Part 1) Handles (Part 2)

Easy to remove. Two screws and two clips to remove. Phillips head for the screws and a flat head works great for popping up the center of the clips, then just pull the clip out. Once you have removed the bezel it is best to remove the black mesh portion from it (cuts down on the amount of masking you have to do). It is pretty straight forward, just a number of screws. The TOYOTA emblem is melted on so you can either attempt to melt it off or just mask it off.
Best reference I have found: Bezel Removal

Bumper wings and lower facia:
Harder than the others but still easy. It is best to remove the front bumper for this and isn't as daunting as you may think. Once you have the bumper off it is just a matter of pulling off clips for the wings and 6 nuts and a few clips for the lower fascia plate. The wings have a rubber seal that should be masked off.
Best reference I have found: Bumper Removal

Soon to come:
Rear bumper wings
Rear bumper lower fascia
Door inserts (considering making an actual wood insert w/ a light natural wood tone)

Painting Technique:
Sanding + Painting + Clear coat
Wipedown w/ paint thinner or alcohol (let dry) + Painting + Clear coat
Adhesion promoter + Painting + Clear coat
What technique to use?

Work in progress...
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Project Black-Out – Tales from a non-car guy

First off, I want to say thanks to this forum, I have been a troll on this site for years. I am on my 2nd FJ (Iceburg White 2011, previously had an 07 Voodoo Blue). The forum has been such a great resource for information, great pics, how-tos, and just a great daily read. I want to give thanks to EschObfus, MSGTCWT, NDA341FJ, LandCruiserSteve, and countless other forum members for their detailed walk throughs and words of wisdom which I used to guide me through this.

I picked up the FJ about a month ago, and really wanted to black out all the silver pieces. Paying for the trails team parts was not really an option, but after seeing all the great builds I decided I could give it a go and do it myself. For some background, I am in no way a handy person, not at all, especially when it comes to cars. So this project had me a little nervous (and my wife scared to death).

I read through the how-to's, decided on a plan, and attacked it yesterday

I made a run to a couple local Auto-Zones to pick up the materials – sandpaper (400g), tape, tar and wax remover, adhesion promoter (3 cans, only needed 1), and 4 cans of Dupicolor Bumper Coating (used 3). I debated a long time on which paint to use, but based on the forum and me flipping a coin, this is what I went with. I am very happy with the final product.

The removal of the pieces went fairly smooth (with many references to the forum), and I had everything off the FJ in an hour or so. Be sure and take your time and not rush anything, because that is when clips get broken.

My few notes of wisdom to pass on (that I learned the hard way):
1. Roll the windows up before you start, otherwise once you go to take off the side mirrors and door handles (and you have already removed the door covers and disconnected all the power window controls) you will have to back up a couple steps.
2. Don’t shut the doors with no door handles on them (after telling my wife not to close them, I of course did out of habit).

I then cleaned everything and sanded it down. I only really scuffed up the surface, and made sure to get all the corners good. I then cleaned all the parts again and was ready to paint. The only pieces that took any real time were the mirrors, just because of having to tape them up.

I did 2 light coats of adhesion promoter and 3 coats of paint. A couple places I got ahead of myself and sprayed to thick, and had to sand out a couple runs. I was surprised at how quick the coats dried, and how well the color was bonding. Once everything was done I let it sit in the garage for a few hours. Of course I have no patience so at about 10:30 I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and started the reassembly process, which took about 1.5 hours.

In the end I am very happy with the end product, had a total of $55 bucks invested, a total of maybe 7 hours from start to finish (including dry time), and now I am itching for the next mod. Thanks again

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