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Blown engine 2010

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Long story short, I hydrolocked my engine and I’m now in the market for a new engine as this one is not rebuildable..

It’s a 2010, and I can find engines for it on car-part, but the price for them is Considerably higher than say a 2010 4Runner or Tacoma,

is it possible to swap a 4Runner or Tacoma engine in? Or am I just stuck spending more for another 2010 fj engine?
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attention FJ 2010/2019 with 4Runner are the same
Tacoma from 2005 to 2015 is a simple VVTI therefore different.
I know it because I myself got screwed.
The seller had announced:
Engine 1GRFE - 2011 - FJ / 4runner / Tacoma / Tundra
When the engine arrived here in Africa it was found to be a simple VVTI like on the 2007/2009 FJs and the engine actually came from a 2011 Tacoma.
Having no basis to check (my old broken block short) we only used the block short and installed the cylinder heads of my 2010 double vvti LOL engine
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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