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Hey everyone, I recently installed a later model FJammer head unit (the Pioneer), replacing the original FJammer in my 07 (thanks Supasta!). I did this to gain bluetooth connectivity. What I didnt realize was that the steering wheel controls are required to pair to the HU.

So, my questions are, does anyone know if there are any aftermarket bluetooth controls that can hook up and act like the factory steering wheel controls, and also, is there a mic that I can hook up?

I would like to utilize the factory bluetooth, without any adapters. I know there are aftermarket dongles, and also BluLogic, but I really just want the head unit to be as factory as possible.

BTW, the newer FJ Pioneer HU puts the original FJammer to shame. I know alot of people on here bash all the factory stereos of the FJ, but this one actually puts a bit of thump into the subwoofer, which the original barely did.
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