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Brake force distribution

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Hey, in my country it is mandatory by law that you make an annual technical inspection by a third party (not the dealer).

I did mine today and in the observations section they wrote: Unbalanced brake force. Rear brakes force is between 15 and 20%. (So front brakes takes 80 to 85%).

I made a quick search and found no post talking about brake force distribution.

Does somebody knows if this is normal?

I did notice that the test was made first with the front wheels and then with the rear wheels, so I was thinking that maybe the EBD was having bad readings when the rear wheels started spinning and the front where not moving. The technician made me take the test 4 times, and even the hand brake was stronger.
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That is pretty normal. Your front bias on any vehicle is more than half. If they failed it, I'd look for another inspection station.
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