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Interestingly, although there is a switch shown as "MT" and "AT", they seem to be interchangeable:
84340-19025 (MT '06~'14), and also used on AT '11~'14
84340-69025 (AT '06~'10) (note that the engine changed from the beginning of '10, not the end of, so the part number change must have been for some other reason).

Also, a few years ago, someone posted a completely different switch part number, claiming it was for the FJ, 84340-09310, and that's what I put in my FJ when its switch started failing to operate, and its been perfectly fine ever since.
I just looked it up, it isn't from the 4-runner, because it used the same 84340-19025 from '03~'05, then -69025 from '06~'09, then -19025 again, from '09~'13.

Probably there are two makers, and the two different, interchangeable part numbers merely reflects that.

I just now googled the -09310 part number to see where it came from: Toyota Parts states that it was used on Scion, 4-runner (2014), Camry, Avalon, Celica and Corolla all used it as one time or another. Oh, well, it seems to be working just fine in my FJ.
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