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Breakfast is On! Bachelor-Syracuse Mine

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We will be having the final breakfast for the Summit at the Bachelor-Syracuse mine on the 20th after the group photo.

Important to note:

GROUP PHOTO - 6:30 - 7:30 we have Main St blocked off for the picture!! Be there on time - we'll have coffee.

7:30 - 10 will be the mine breakfast. The first 150 people that get there will have free breakfast!

Please note directions that you can print out for the mine -

Bachelor-Syracuse Mine Tour
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AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jason!:cheers:
Thanks Jason! the mine was fun last year and the people who work there were very hospitable to all of us!
Wow 150 people out of what, 500 who are going to be there?? Thats going to be a mad dash!
ha yeah should be interesting to see who makes it up!
AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jason!:cheers:
Kat, save me a place in line :lol:
the rest of you - it's only 5.99 for the full breakfast so definitely worth it to still go up!
Kat, save me a place in line :lol:
Baylie typically wakes up at 5:30....we are sooooooooooo there! :D
I can see it now...200 FJ's wheelin up the road, like a bat outa....well, maybe not that dramatic, but I'll see y'all for breakfast:rocker:.

You da' man!!!! The breakfast last year was super!


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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