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Hi FJ Family,
I'm wondering if someone can answer a question re diff/transmission etc breathers? I've followed Berg's instructions to the letter (so good, thanks Berg!) I went with the BRC Comp kit and an Autobarn near me had all the brass fittings. I did the rear diff and e-locker last week no problems. Today I was just about to do the ones on the rear of the engine block at the transmission tunnel and I've just noticed there's three breathers there not two. Can anyone suggest what I do then as I was kinda prepared for six breathers not seven? I have a 2012 model.

So on the back of the engine block there's three breathers: one larger one with a white plastic breather valve and two smaller ones with metal valves. Then on the passenger side right up in the engine bay there's two more with metal valves and then the rear diff/e-locker in the rear so that's a total of seven...

Sorry if I missing something obvious. Very new to this car.

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