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Thought I would kick off a thread with some pictures I managed to snap during our fun bringing in the new years with several great forum members here!

We had a great time and I hope that next time we can see more of yall!

Part of the camp!

The other part of the camp!

Lanes wonder trailer! It has everything!

And we all flock to lanes trailer! lol

Setting up some flood lights for some night time washers!

On the trail! That's a stock 4 runner with street tires and it ate it up!

A little pit stop on the trail!

TROGDOR! Yea that's right we got a flame thrower!

Wheeling late! Note the 2:24 am on the clock!

Hiddenfalls is a great place, just take a look at that background!

More fun on the trail!

Love Texas!

Get some..mud! I gotta clean it =/

Thekeepers first break of the trip (There was three total for him) Nothing a little on the trail repair can't fix though!

There was also dancing!

Yes it got cold!

Thekeepers third break! Busted window!

So then we decided to have some fun with it! Long story short, the new tradition is..if you bust someones window, you get funny pictures taken of you in it!

This is Tane the Tortilla made Lane!

And then the fun continues!

If anyone else has some pictures, please post them up!

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Great weekend!!! One of the best I've had! So glad you all made it out..

but the fun continued into Monday....
Still have no idea how this happened
we were loaded up and headed off from campsite B dumpsters. I was following him and saw it all.

Low speed park road..... The trailer lifted in the rear and fell on it's side....

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Those are great! Just talked to Lane this morning about his missing utility trailer and he was filling me in on all the misadventures from New Year's.


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Great surprised that Sean broke his truck...

I've NEVER seen that happen.:rofl:
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