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Buy a Supercharger TRD or diesel for my fj ?

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Anyboddy know's how to install a diesel engine in a fj ? Wich model?

How many extra milles can I do with a supercharger ?

Is it worth installing a supercharger TRD to tow an RV ?

tank you !
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If you are looking to tow a heavy RV and that is the sole reason to switch, you are better off putting that money into a few year old diesel pick up truck. No one has attempted the diesel swap. Many people have done the Supercharger. It would help with towing.
Your statement "How many extra milles can I do with a supercharger ?" is ambiguous. Are you referring to MPH, MPG, miles per tank??? The supercharger actually gives your worse fuel economy than stock.
turbo diesel is the only way to go, be the first and let us know how it turns out...
Tank you guys.

To buy a supercharger, is it worth the gaz economie ?
does it make at least 50 mpg extra ?
Tank you guys.

To buy a supercharger, is it worth the gaz economie ?
does it make at least 50 mpg extra ?
I see you are from Montreal, so i assume french is your native language.

I think you are confusing MPG with horsepower maybe?
The TRD supercharger adds about 60HP i think. I am not sure on the MPG drop, but i know that it does reduce your fuel economy.
Yes french is my native language sorry for my english ...
MPG for me is milles per gallon .

Is it worth it to buy a supercharger. Because I dont to buy another truck to tow my rv . 4600 pounds.
Ah, okay. You do not need more power to tow (only people that think this are the macho guys trying to compensate because it takes longer than 10 seconds to get to 60 hauling a huge trailer) The FJ has enough power. Your problems towing heavy objects is the size of the FJ. A small vehicle towing a large trailer will get pushed around by the trailer. It has a max towing capacity of 5000. So include yourself, whoever is with you, gear, subtract that weight from the 5000 and that leaves what you can tow. 4600 should be okay though.

Make sure the tongue weight is no more than 500 lbs, and don't even think about towing this trailer unless it has trailer brakes.
supercharger WILL help you with the MPG. It'll be a big help in lugging that big RV. Your other option is too regear your tranny to a more of an aggressive ratio, which will give you more power and slightly better MPG.
I know its hard to do but if anyone that has a supercharger and would care to try and drive it like they own it instead of that they stole it I wonder if the MPG would actually not improve.

I had an Avalanche with a Vortech SC and I drove it fairly hard and got about the same as stock for MPG.

Anyone have any #'s on MPG with TRD S/C.??

Okay, maybe i misread some post. I thought that the supercharger gave less MPG but more horsepower. I have a bad memory. Does anyone have some MPG numbers with the SC.
well, if you have lead foot, your mpg definitely drops like crazy, but when you're cruising, you'll gain a few mpg.
How many miles will you be towing that RV trailer ?

Wind resistance is a big factor when towing RV and cargo trailers at highway speeds.

My opinion: If you are towing short distances, save your money and use the FJ as is. If any mileage is gained with the supercharger it will be so minimal that justification on this basis is nearly impossible. If you are towing long distances, buy a decent used truck (diesel is preferable) for a tow vehicle.
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