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Took the trail from the south end all the way back to highway 4 and proceeded to slick rock road only to find out that they rerouted the entrance because the old trail entrance has been bought out by someone. Corral Hollow was very fun and extremely challenging for a stock Jeep JKU sport. The long wheelbase, side steps and low hanging belly was dragtastic. My buddy was getting uncomfortable with dragging $45,000 new Jeep around so by the time we did the first 1/4 mile of Slick rock road, he gave up.

We found a nice camp site 5 miles into the trail.

Camp fire pizza.

Slept in the FJ comfortably.

Took the sway bars off the FJ and it Flexed all day every day.

The turn around point on Slick rock road. The Jeep was really having a hard time.

We aired back up at the slick rock trail head and ended our trip. My buddy was impressed with my ARB setup airing all 4 tires at once.

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