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For people wondering how to conserve space in the rear seats and not compromise safety, check this out! I just got the best car seat for a toddler and it opened up the rear of my FJ big time.

I was putting my three boys in the back on long wheeling trips with little to no complaints...until my oldest started a growth spurt. Then he really started complaining about taking the FJ when it was the five of us. This made me pretty sad since it's the family fun vehicle.

I decided to ride in the back with my youngest in a forward facing car seat, and my middle child on the other side.


So I set out to finding the most compact car seat with a good safety rating. I found the WAYB Pico car seat. This thing is NICE! It's made of very strong aluminum and it's really low profile. 14" wide vs about 20" for the previous Graco. It is about $270 on amazon, but I chalked it up to being a mod that allows me to take my kids out wheeling safely!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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