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:(So i've been studying the 2011 and all options for about 2 months, probably won't do the Trail Teams due to the $6400 jump and minimal negotiating room.
Here's the problem; I've looked at all options & packages and it looks like you cannot get an FJ with the cool TRD wheels & BF Goodrich tires, and ALSO get the floating ball instrument cluster on the dash. Even the toyota website makes it hard build it this way. The only way to get it is to select Off-Road package and TRD package together, but then the Bilstein shock types conflict with each other, which is why it looks like dealers don't combine these items...?
Can any dealer folks comment on this?
You live in Gulf States and LSU is in South East Toyota, Both of these are not the Normal Toyota Build profiles, which the rest of the country gets..

GST and SET are seperate from the rest of the USA, they are seperate companies from Toyota USA..

So your build profiles will be much different that what the rest can attain..

Here in the NW the center pod is on everything, Off road with BFG tires, or the UP grade pkg 2, and the TT Up Grade 3..

We don't even have an option for a 4x2 here...

The off road here comes with the Black rims and the street tires, we up grade them at the port to the TRD wheels and the BFG AT KO's.. 1600 upgrade but well worth it.. They already come with the bilstiens..

Talk to your local dealer and see if GST can do the same.. I would think they could..

Hope this helps..

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