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Thanks I guess that seems logical. I know one way you can get this combo is to buy the Trail Teams SE version... but of course that is a $6475.00 option, which is a bit rich for my pocketbook and also I'm not sure its worth the cost... (plus I sort of like the standard white roof)
As i said above, get a well pkgd FJ, off road pkg for instance. Bilsteins in the off road pkg are the same bilsteins as in TRD, only difference is.. one is bilstein off road tuned...another has TRD sticker on it and it`s "specially tuned valving" but amazingly they have same specs lol. You can purchase TRD exhaust, you can purchase TRD CAI, you can black it out...and overall spend a lot less money. You can even buy those TRD badges if you want. All is for sale, some things easy to get, some a little bit more complicated.. but you can still get them :bigthumb:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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