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I have a 2011. The options are really just messed up this year. TRD is not 2wd only. I have several build sheets from my dealer for 2011 4x4 trd packages. However the best package for me was the upgrade package which comes with everything, i mean everything accept the wheels, tires, and stickers. I figured i would add wheels tires and suspension and doubt I would ever spend the money on sterio, inverter, etc etc. So if you just get the upgrade package just plan to buy a 2nd set of wheels, tires, and suspension. You can get a set of wheels even stock alloys for under 500 plus tires and suspension 2000 ish so figure the upgrade package plus 2500. I got the upgrade package and then found a set of wheels and near new off road tires for 600. I was just as frustrated as you are not being able to get the interior options, mechanical options, and the wheels tires and suspension options I wanted on the same package. I guess that's why they make the TT Special eddition. It is in fact the TRD package,plus the Upgrade Package, plus the exterior paint and plastic package. By the way I'm getting 20 mpg with the street tires, and 15 with the swampers so it's kinda nice to be able to swap.
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