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Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forums a lot but this is my first official post and I need a little help with something I'm having trouble with. I apologize for the lengthy post in advance and I'll also preface that I'm a huge newbie to all of this.

To start off, my 2014 FJ has been experiencing slow starts lately. I would crank it and it would take at least 3-4 seconds to start. It's a bit worrisome because when I first got the car at 500 miles, it would start almost instantly. It started happening in the summer time when it was hot which I already understand can be a factor for the slow starts. I've done A LOT of browsing around these forums to see if anyone has had similar problems and after coming to a unconfident conclusion, I took it to the shop to see what they thought.

They saw that my fuel pressure was weak so I had my fuel pressure regulator replaced. They also saw my injectors were bad so I only had two of them replaced since that's all I had the money for. After the repairs, it was all better.

Weeks later, the problem came back like a bad nightmare. I didn't really do anything to fix it since funds were so low (I'm a university student). Took it to Autozone yesterday and installed a new Optima Yellowtop D35 battery because Firestone told me that my stock Panasonic battery was sub-marginal. Then I took it to Toyota today to get one of those professional fuel injection cleaning services because it was definitely cheaper than getting the other 4 injectors repaired. After all of this, I was sure that I'd be done with the issue. But nope... After pulling into my driveway, turning off the engine, and starting it back up a couple minutes later, it still took a good 8-10 cranks to start.

I hope I was thorough enough in my description of the problem. My weak hypothesis now is that one of the following is performing poorly: alternator, starter, spark plugs. I'm fairly certain it's not the starter, however, because I don't hear any clicking. But could it be that it's taking a while to engage? I don't know. It can't be the alternator because all the electronics seem to be performing strong. There could be more factors but like I said at the beginning of the post, I'm a newbie.

I do find some success in turning the key to the ON position and waiting a couple seconds before starting the car. But it only works 50% of the time.

So my question to you awesome guys is: what the hell is wrong?! :flame:
Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

EDIT: Additional info, I'm currently at 50k miles.

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I agree that seems a lot of issues for a 2014' or any FJ or Toyota for that matter. I thought the warranty was good for more than 36K? I have a '14 no warranty since I exported it but have had battery issues. But I've only done 7,000miles and mine sits for weeks since I can't afford the fuel to run it all the time. Mine was only battery related though.

I've rarely come across those other faults with Toyotas though did have injector issues with my Subaru. I do therefore wonder if you're being given the run around, if all those parts were bad then it surely would not only be an issue starting but would run bad too which you don't say it sounds to me as someone is taking advantage...

Hopefully someone here can make some more helpful suggestions.

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Maybe a parasitic draw on the battery that keeps draining it?
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