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2008 Sandstorm FT 4x4 6spd Man Trans Off-Road Pkg
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I really like the suspension configuration I have now and don't want to go higher or lower. I still have the stock UCA and can align front end, but just barely. No need for Body Mount Chop, but it's close. I want to swap out the stock springs to stiffen it up a bit and get rid of the rear spacer which I never liked.

This is my current setup:

General Grabber AT/X 285/75-16
Bilstien 5100's on all 4 corners
Rear 1.5" spacer lift with stock springs
Front 5100 set on top perch (#4, assume 2.5" lift) with stock springs.
Smittybilt front bumper with winch
Stock rear bumper

What I plan to change to:
Replace rear springs with OME 2895E & remove 1.5" spacers
Replace front springs with OME 2885, & lowering spring to the bottom perch on the 5100.

I'd like to get comments from owners that have the same set up, or similar, to see if you think this plan will result in the intended outcome.


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I don't have the setup you're asking about but would like to offer the following.

Spring manufacturers advertise ride height but this is only a close estimate. Actual results often vary. I could be wrong but given the fact that you have an aftermarket front bumper and winch, I don't believe you achieved 2.5 inches of front lift using your stock springs on the 5100's. Additionally, with 1.5 inch rear spacers I assume you're Cruiser sits with a bit of rake, high in the rear.

I agree with you that you should eliminate the rear spacers. I ran 1 inch rear spacers with factory springs until recently installing Bilstein springs advertised to provide .9 inches of lift and rated at 180 pounds. The actual height gain was 1 and 1/8th inches.

I have a measured 2.5 inches of front lift. The rear Bilstein springs I recently installed sets my Cruiser perfectly level and the ride quality is fantastic.

You mentioned that you like your current suspension configuration but want to eliminate the rear spacers. The rear Bilstein's I mentioned would be a good choice although they have the same weight rating as factory springs which shouldn't be a problem since you have no additional weight in the rear. Other rear spring options would be Eibach's plus 1 inch slightly stiffer rated at 220 pounds. Also Sway-a-Way plus 1.5 inches but also stiffer than factory springs.

You also mentioned that you wanted to stiffen up the suspension a bit. I assume that you're primarily referring to the front end. I would recommend you find a set of front springs designed for the extra weight of the bumper and winch and providing between 2 and 2.5 inches of lift then add the Bilstein plus 1 inch rear springs since you have no additional weight in the rear.

Just my 2 cents.
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