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I took some split ring clamps that they use for hanging pipes, Plasti-Dipped them black, and attached some Quick Fist tool mounts to them. The clamps just happened to be the size needed to clamp around the FJ's stock roof rack tubing (the vertical parts of the roof rack). I'm not sure of the clamp size because they were given to me, but I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to figure out what you need. I do know the clamps were only $1.50 online at the time. I went to the local hardware store, found the screws with the correct thread to attach the Quick Fists to the clamps (3/8th x 3/4th hex bolts medium thread), some #10-24 nuts to secure the pipe clamps, used a 3/4" drill bit to make the holes in the Quick Fists a little bigger so the hex bolts would fit through, and that's about it. As an added bonus, the Plasti-Dip eliminates the possibility of rattling on the roof rack.

I do inspect the Quick Fists every time before putting anything on them. If I ever see them showing any sign of weakening I will replace before using them again, but so far so good.



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