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1 1/4" hole saw or a diameter smaller than 1.352"

2 quart bottle they offer other shapes and sizes

Cap bottle doesn't come with a cap

Original pumps and seals

Your choice of mounting hardware depending on where you choose to mount the bottle.

If you're mounting it further away from the stock location you'll need to also get hose (add 2 feet to the length you need as you'll replace 2 existing lines to use the hose union unless you get another one) not sure, but I think the hose is 1/4"

Wire to extened the pumps reach (if extending)


The pumps should be mounted at the bottom or preferably on the side of the tank if possible to take advantage of the entire tanks capacity.

Test fit to see where the best location is for the pumps then drill your holes with the hole saw
If you used a hole saw smaller than the diamter of the original tanks holes 1.352" then you'll need to use a dremel or similar tool to evenly remove more plastic until the seals fit snugly and keep their shape.
Water Water bottle Plastic bottle Bottle Technology

Make sure to clean out all the plastic shavings or you can risk clogging the pumps. Install the original seals and pumps

Technology Electronic device

If you have built a bracket now would be the time to check for fitting before hooking up the connectors and hoses.

Once everything clears you can hook it up. You can't mix up the connectors, but there is a chance you'll flip the hoses around like I did. You can check this by using your wipers if no washer fluid comes out, but is coming out the rear window you've flipped them.

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Automotive exterior Vehicle Bumper Automotive tire Car

Eventually I'd like to have an aluminum deck on the bumper and have a filler neck with a cap flush on top.

I'll update it when I finish the design.
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