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Check out these Toyota (TRD) Frames I made....

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I was bored last night and this seemed fun.... I got some very heavy duty black metal license plate frames, then I put these vinyl die cut things that I got from my friend here on the board (he came over and bought my roof rack the other day and gave me these vinyl stickers). My mind started clicking (for once) and I thought they'd make a great license plate frame for an FJ.

Heavy duty.... check.
No bottom holes for screws because the FJ doesn't have them.... check.
Little tabs underneath to hold the plate firm against the holder.... check.

I think I like it. What is the consensus? Cool or lame?

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If you like them....COOL! The older I get, the less I worry about what others think.
I like 'em!:clap:
Good point FJ Jay. I guess I just wanted to show them off. :)

And thanks for the applause Jenward74. I appreciate it!

And just so everybody knows.... I am not trying to make a business out of this or anything at all like that. I just happened to read a post here a couple of weeks ago where somebody said they couldn't find a good black plate frame for the FJ, so it kind of popped a light on in my head when the fellow board member gave me the stickers.

So I figured "Heck... why not?" and made my first contribution to the "making something for the FJ" community. I think they would look pretty cool on my Trail Teams edition. I still think I am going with Seahawks frames though just because last time I had some on my car they went to the Superbowl!
Looks pretty cool, I like the idea!:rocker:
cool frames where did you get them cuz as you stated all black plates with just 2 holes are hard to find now if you want chrome and mega bling thats easy subtle thats hard
I got them on ebay. There are a few folks who sell customized frames there. You just ask them to not customize them and to give the blank frames. That is the only place I could find one with a large bottom area like this. They might sell them at auto parts stores. I looked at Wal-mart, but they were thin edged frames.

I didn't see the right kind elsewhere.

I was originally intending to make these into Seahawks frames, but the guy was a fraud and never sent me the correct stickers. I ended up just forgetting it on that deal and I just ordered some new Hawk frames this minute. If anybody wants these, you can have them for exactly what I paid for them. I'll even pick up the tab on shipping to get them to somebody who would enjoy using them and had a use for them.
now with more link goodness (thanks Google):

Black over solid brass frames - -- LICENSE PLATE FRAMES

Stainless Steel "Carbon Fiber Looking" License Frame

and this one you can write your own message:
Cruiser "Personalize" Message License Plate Frame

Black License Plate Frames

Premium Quality Black License Plate Frames - Audi - VW

that is all i could find with my personal 5 minute time limit.

I looks like most vendors use the same "stock" graphic for the frames, so perhaps everyone is reselling the same product over and over.

just my .002 worth.

I bet Joel would make some.
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This particular frame has the same shape as the "carbon fiber looking" one. But it is just matte black, and very heavy duty metal.
They look great !!!!


looks good
me likes em
Hey Bam Bam! Glad you put the stickers to some good use! I love the roof rack, by the way...

Hey... glad to hear the rack is working out. Thanks for the stickers! :)
Nice and you can never go wrong with black. Stealing your idea in the AM.
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