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Clutch job- replace TOB fork?

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My uncle and I are going to be replacing my clutch and TOB on my 07 '6 speed. Is it worth the 130$ to replace the release bearing fork as well? We are also upgrading to the URD TOB, i'd assume it is designed to still fit in the fork? Also, should be replace transmission mounts at the same time?
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In Toyota's TSB (attached) for updating the parts to stop the release bearing squeak, they replace the release cylinder, release bearing, and fork support. They don't replace the fork itself. There probably isn't a good reason to replace the fork unless yours is worn or damaged, but you may want to update the fork support and release cylinder to the updated model while you are in there.


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I replaced it when I was in there. It's a huge hunk of metal, wasn't much wear on it aside from at the area with the snap ring, which was totally toasted and the grease had turned into some gum-like substance.
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Just curious, did you compare them to see if there was any physical, measurable differences?
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