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Completely custom center console?

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Has anyone ever ripped out the center console and done a completely custom setup?

I have an 07 fjc auto 4x4.

I hate the center console though, I feel like there‘s so much wasted space, the cup holders aren’t great and I, just not a fan of the on seat armrests. (don’t get me wrong I love my fj just not a fan of the center console.) So I’m working with a friend on coming up with a design to pull out the factory console and possibly fabricate and install a custom one with better ergonomics, storage, a proper large center armrest, cup holders and possibly a place to install comms and a switch bank.

if anyone has done this, has any ideas or advice they would like to share please do I’m happy to hear what everyone has to say.
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It’s not hard to fabricate a “basic” custom center console for the FJ. The difficulty really depends on your skill level, access to the proper tools and materials.
You’ll need to be familiar with working with materials like MDF and vinyl. Tools like a table saw, band saw and router. In addition to basic power or hand tools. Entire consoles can be built with these materials and tools, from beginner to pro. (A great place to start, and learn the craft).
You’ll need to be familiar with working with the materials/tools above in addition to abs plastic, plexiglass or aluminum. Tools for these would include a router, air saw and dremel. The knowledge of jig building using mdf & bondo is also required. These materials are typically used for custom inserts or switch panels in custom consoles. (Once proficient with the basics this is an easy step up).
You’ll have to be familiar with all of the above and more. In addition to working with fiberglass & carbon fiber. Complete consoles can be fabricated from these materials. (Producing quality results at this level is extremely difficult, and wouldn’t be advisable to attempt).

A few things to think about:
First, the FJ’s center console is very basic to go with the overall look of the FJ. So anything with too many curves or flow most likely wouldn’t fit with the design.
Next, while building a new basic center console is relativity easy. It won’t be waterproof, (without coating the mdf with resin after assembly and prior to vinyl wrapping). As it is right now everything in the FJ is designed to resist water absorption. In fact the only cloth is the seats, and they’re even made from a quick drying cloth.
Next, there are a few options available from the aftermarket industry for the FJ. Things like armrest/storage combinations that drop into the opening at the back of the console. Or just provide a top to the console. Mounting plates that attach to the side of the console for bolt on storage.
Next, if you decide you want to move forward with building a custom console. I would recommend building a small/half test console first, without touching your FJ. That way you can see what you’re capable of creating. Then you can decide whether or not to proceed and start cutting up your stock console.
Last, is what you realistically have to work with. Below is a picture of the stock console from when I removed my seats for a deep cleaning. The red line is along the top removable trim. And as a beginner I would strongly recommended you build your console with the idea of keeping this stock piece as your insert. In other words your custom console would replace the entire console except for that top trim. So basically you’d really only see the change in the rear portion, or sides depending on design.

The yellow line represents a cut a basic/advanced installer could easily make, or even modify. Past this you’d really start to get into more advanced abilities to provide quality results.

Hope that helps,
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I know this is a necrothread, did you ever move forward with a full console build ?
I'd rather just buy one off the shelf anyone have any links
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