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Checked the wear on my STT Pros. LT 285/70R17 E from my local Discount Tire Store. Stock alloys, 35 psi.

1 year, 6mos, 17,126 miles. As quiet as my Discoverer AT3's are, and they are not bad. Kept them, was thinking about two sets of wheels and swapping between on/off road trips

Been on wet roads, mud, snow, sand and ice. Great on everything but the glaze ice with tad bit of snow hiding it (one lane track with a little ditch or both sides). And I was going faster than I should have been, had I known the ice was under it I would not have had the opportunity to use my winch. :wink

Measured with 1/32 gauge. Used a steel rule that is less than 1/64 to bridge the tread gap. The tires have been rotated once.

Measured the outside, middle and inside of the tread. Unused spare measured 21/32. Cooper site says 19/32 for my size, adjust accordingly.

FL: 17, 15, 15
FR: 16, 16, 16
RR: 18, 14, 17
RL: 17, 15, 15



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